Александр Владимирович Сурмава


ADRESS: Klingsorstr. 119, 12203 Berlin BRD


PHONE NUMBER: +49 177 39 41 813



DATE OF BIRTH: 22th May 1950


PLACE OF BIRTH: Tiflis, Georgia (USSR)







1967 - 1970 Physics Faculty of Moscow State University. Lomonosov

1970 - 1972 Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University. Lomonosov

1977 - 1988 Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University. Lomonosov

2004 - defense of the thesis "The principle of reflexivity in theoretical psychology"


LANGUAGES: English - in the profession is fluent.

                       French - reading with a dictionary, verbal conversation.

                       German - reading with a dictionary




May 2016 Dismissed with a professional ban for speaking openly about my materialist and atheist beliefs and for being critical of Putin's political regime

2012-2016 Associate Professor of General Psychology and Development Psychology Academy of Social Management

2008 Associate Professor of Philosophy and Sociology, National Research University Moscow State Institute of Electronic Engineering (MIET)

2004-2010 Associate Professor, Department of Theory and History of Psychology, Institute of Psychology named after L.S. Vygotsky, Russian State Humanities University

2002-2005 Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Russian State Medical University.

2002-2004 Fellow of the International Department of Cultural and Historical Psychology. Moscow City University of Psychology and Education

1988-1989 Lecturer, Department of Philosophy. Moscow Agricultural University.

1980-1982 Researcher at the Department of Theoretical Problems of Activity Psychology (head F.T. Mikhailov) at the Research Institute of General and Educational Psychology (head V.V. Davydov).

1980-1988 theoretical research in collaboration with A.G. Novohatko and V.V. Davydov.

1976-1979 organiser and participant in a theoretical seminar led by E.V. Ilyenkov at the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University




  • Dialectical anthropology/"psychology".
  • Theoretical biology and zoopsychology.
  • Problems of methodology and epistemology.
  • History of philosophy and psychology.
  • Problems of origin of life, psyche, consciousness.
  • Problems of education and educational psychology.
  • Political economics.
  • New and recent political history, the history of the twentieth century.




  • International Society for Dialectics and Culture. Member of the board since 2007.
  • DIALECTIC PSYCHOLOGY Group. Coordinator, since 2008.
  • International Society for Culture and Action Research (ISCAR). Member of ISCAR (2002 - 2012).
  • ISCAR Section Dialectical Psychology. Coordinator, together with Newton Duarte since 2005.
  • Moscow society of nature observers. Member since 2010.




  • 1976-1978 Seminar in Philosophy and Theoretical Psychology led by E. V. Ilyenkov. Organiser and regular participant.
  • 1979-1983 Seminar on methodological problems of activity psychology headed by V.V.Davydov
  • 2003-2008 Moscow Seminar on Cultural-Historical Psychology. Coordinator
  • 2006 Workshop "Lifshitz Archive" Permanent participant.

22 December 2010 Co-Report "Marxist Activity Theory vs. Naive Mirror Metaphor" for the report of V.G.Arslanov "Ontology of Art Illusion. Modern Archaeology on the Origin of Art". 

  • 2008 - 2011 Seminar on Dialectical Psychology

February 15 - April 15 ISCAR Section Dialectical Psychology International Web Discussion on the first two essays of E.V. Ilyenkov's Dialectical Logic. Co-chair Steve Gabosh (USA)
28 April 2010 Lecture "Is the psyche ideal? " 

  • 2010 Seminar on Socialism. Organiser. Together with P.M. Kudyukin.
  • 28 January 2010 Report: "Formation or deformation?"
  • 01 April 2010 Report in the discussion of the article by A.A.Prigarin "Socialism: a dispute about the past and the future".
  • 2011 Seminar on Dialectical Anthropology. Facilitator.
  • 2014 Seminar on Problems of International Left Movement "Manifest XXI" Co-ordinator. Together with E. Galkina






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